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Fur Blanket

  • Posted on January 5, 2013 at 12:00 pm

I have a fur blanket. It is soft and cuddly and warm. It covers my feet at night. Or sometimes cuddles up next to them. It puts itself there, no matter how warm or cold I am, and is rather heavy. It always comes pre-warmed. Sometimes, it even gives me a foot massage, in one of two settings. High intensity, with occasional acupuncture, or a low intensity soft rumble. I love my fur blanket. And my fur blanket loves me.


My fur blanket.

My fur blanket.

Christmas Season

  • Posted on January 3, 2013 at 11:03 pm

It’s been a pretty awesome Christmas season. Great time spent with family. A lot of wonderful down time. Kids got to play in the snow, repeatedly. Gifts were given and received. In-laws visited. Many books were read. Sleep was had. All in all, it was awesome.

My house isn’t really sure what hit it. Much of its protective layer of dirt is now missing. I credit my mother in law for much of it, and my self, my husband and my kids for the rest of it. Much has been organized and many items purged, some trash, some recycled, many donated or freecycled. There is far more to go before I would consider it done, but it has moved in the right direction, for sure. Living in one house for 9+ years has really accumulated a lot of stuff. This is a new phenomenon for me, and the realization has dawned that it really needs to be cleaned out in a big way, and so it has, and will continue.

One child’s room has been repainted. She is thrilled. The rest of the redecoration must wait until the paint has fully cured.

Not all was perfect. There was a bout of stomach flu (mine), a sinus infection (daughter’s) and a (so far) mild cold (also mine) and a full fledged flu with some extended family that meant not seeing them as planed. There was bickering and arguing among the children and yelling by the parents. Overall though, the good far outweighed the bad.

Many days have gone by since I blogged. Mostly, because I was busy and enjoying my time with family. Partly, because I’ve come to realize that stupid daily crappy posts stink, and I’d prefer to save up and write something at least somewhat decent for the web to see. I’m still thankful every day, but going forward I may or may not post about it daily. We’ll see what comes.