Day 1 – Ministry of Hellos and Bread

  • Posted on October 21, 2012 at 10:32 pm

Today I am thankful for a loaf of bread. It isn’t just any bread. It is Marty Mather’s cinnamon bread.

We arrived at church this morning early, as my girls were singing in the services this morning. Before I got out of the car, Marty tapped on my window, having just got out of her car. She offered us up a loaf of bread. We had to choose, egg or cinnamon. That was a tough choice. I’ve heard amazing things about her bread, so I was excited.

She handed me the loaf. It was still warm from the oven. It took us all a LOT of willpower not to just open it up and devour it right there in the parking lot.

My husband had a nice conversation about bread baking. She was so excited to hear that we bake bread. She feels it is a lost art, one that is her mission to resurrect. She told us about the classes she holds, to teach the younger generations how to make really good bread. And that making bread isn’t scary.

Attached to our loaf was this prayer.

Dear Lord,

I have discovered there is a ministry in hello. The hello I speak to day may brighten and lift someone’s disappointing day. That is my mission, as your servant of light and love, to lift the hearts of others filled with disappointments and darkness. Just a simple hello, with a great big smile, helps someone who is hurting and thinks no one cares. Let me be a minister of hellos Lord, and get my focus off of me, so I will serve You with joy and great humility. Help me remember to share this ministry of hellos to give a bit of joy and of myself. Lighten the load of just one soul who needs a hello this day.


I love that, ministry of hellos, and of bread. Consider this my hello to you today.

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  1. Mary says:

    I have her recipe and have taken her class. Recommend both!! She is wonderful!

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