Days 24 & 25 – Foods and Wisdom

  • Posted on November 14, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Yesterday I had at least three things I wanted to put here that I was thankful for, but then fell asleep before getting to my blog. I’ll try to remember what they were…

Yesterday I was thankful for almond milk hot chocolate. Creamy tasty chocolatey goodness that doesn’t leave me with a tummy ache makes me very happy!

I was also thankful for yummy mexican food, especially when it was free-to-me.

Also thankful for getting to know an acquaintance better, and for our great dinnertime chat, and for her willingness to answer some of my questions openly and honestly.

Whew, there it was!

Today I am thankful for being able to be part of making processes better for myself and others. I’m thankful for the wise people who taught me long ago that you don’t just complain about something, you can only complain when you also propose a solution (or two). I’m thankful for knowing that when unhappy with something, while standing up and shouting about it would feel good, it isn’t productive, and staying calm and using reason is far more effective. I’m thankful for knowing this, and for being able to implement it and stay calm in the face of heated angry discussions.

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